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We believe that quality translation is the foundation for effective global communication.

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Meyvn linguists are regularly trained in medical translation.

Our medical translation team is composed of professional translators with regular training in almost all branches of medicine, pharmalogy, biochemistry and biotechnology. That makes us one of the most reliable medical translation companies.

Our clients include

  • Novo Nordisk
  • Novartis
  • General Boom
  • Peking University International Hospital
  • Chinese PLA General Hospital
  • Beijing University of Chinese Medicine
  • Jiashi Acupuncture

We Put Quality First.

Legal translations leave no room for inaccuracy. Meyvn provides accurate legal translations by employing legal professionals or translators with adequant training in law.

Meyvn only uses certified translators with profound training in law to make sure of consistency and accuracy.

Legal Translation May Include:
  • Statement of indictment
  • Verdict
  • Judgement
  • Contract between international enterprises
  • Cross-cultural Depositions
  • Books on Case law
  • Books on Statute law

Linguists with working experience in your field.

From aerospace to civil engineering, Meyvn has rich translation experience in multiple fields.

It is impossible to translate text about computer science if one has never used a computer. Meyvn is well aware of the complexties in science and technology translations and have always met our clients' requirements utilizing our multi-step quality assurance process.

Our Expertise:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Environment Engineering
  • Chemical Engineerings
  • Telecommunications

The same effect in another culture

How to attract your Chinese customers? You may want to consider transcreation.

A faithful translation of your source message may not evoke the same emotions and build up the same image in your target market. But with transcreation, a team of translators, marketers and copywriters who understand the language, the culture and the market place inside out would work closely to transcreate the same effect on your target audiences.

Through language expertise and a global operating model, Meyvn can transcreate your content so it reaches the intended audience in the right voice while protecting your brand.

Examples of transcreation for cross-cultural marketing:

  • In 2011, automobile manufacturer Honda introduced its model named “Fitta” into the Scandinavian countries and discovered, belatedly, that the word “fitta” is a vulgarity in many Nordic languages. The company renamed the model “Honda Jazz” and continued to market it there.

  • Global internet search engine “Bing” experienced a slight problem after they launched in China, because “Bing” in Mandarin Chinese sound like “illness”, or it could also mean “pancake”, depending on what Chinese dialect is used. Therefore, the internet giant changed the name to “Biying” in China, in reference to the longer Chinese expression “you qui bi ying” which roughly translates as “seek and you shall find.”

Credibility brought about by Quality

What Customers Said

Meyvn has gained trust by always delivering quality services.

“We didn't expected the interpreter to be so professional. Hope we can work together next year!”

NBA — Coach Bibby

“Thank you ver much! We'll definitely contact you when we need translation.”

MeyvnLS — An Editor with Phoenix News

“Thank you very much! You've been very helpful!”

MeyvnLS — A Facilitator with Novo Nordisk

“Thank you for your hardwork. The translation is very accurate. Let me give you an extra ¥ 100.”

MeyvnLS — A Customer Having Asked for Medical Translation